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Collaboration Project is a new project JOCS started in fiscal year 2010. By collaborating with local organizationsto run the project together, it becomes possible to utilize the abilities of local people and achieve goals more effectively.
As the first project, School Health Education Project was started in 2010 in Bangladesh.

Overview of School Health Education Project

Counterpart : BDP (Basic Development Partners) is an organization ACEF (The Asia Christian Education Fund) supports. Founded in 1990. BDP constructed and runs kindergartens, elementary schools, vocational training schools, etc… in areas where there are not enough schools run by the government. BDP is currently running 75 elementary schools (total of roughly 8,000 students) in 5 prefectures such as Dhaka.

Target : 14 Schools Operated by BDP (Dhaka, Pubail Areas), for about 3,000 students

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