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kittemainAt JOCS, we have been collecting used stamps since 1964 to fund the overseas health care projects. During this time, over 10 billion used stamps from more than 2 million supporters have been collected, enabling us to dispatch many medical staffs to nations in Asia and Africa. The used stamps sent from all over the country, membership fees, and donations support JOCS activities. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!We are also collecting foreign coins and notes.Mailing Address for Used StampsAttention : Please note that we ask senders to bear the shipping cost when sending used stamps. Thank you for your cooperation. JOCS Tokyo Headquarters Used Stamps Div. 2-3-18-51, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0051 E-mail: info●jocs.or.jp (replace ● with @.) Tel: 03-3208-2416 Fax: 03-3232-6922 JOCS Osaka Office c/o Osaka St. Paul’s Church 2-30 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0013 Tel : 06-6359-7277 Used Stamps, along with your membership fees and donations, will be utilized for overseas cooperation. Your memberships and donations are welcomed.
Points to Remember on Cutting Out Stamps & Shipping 1. Any types of stamps are welcomed. Regular 80-Yen stamps are OK also. 2. When cutting out the stamps, please leave roughly 5mm to 1cm of room around the stamps. (If jagged edges around the stamp are left intact, it will be fine.)By 5mm around the stamp, we mean enough room not to destroy the stamps but small at the same time. img45483d096c7f1 3. When cutting out the stamps, please do not cut off the jagged edges around the stamps. (Even if you cut too much, if jagged edges around the stamp are left intact, it will be fine.) img45370f8a27c18
  • 4. Please separate foreign stamps and Japanese stamps before sending. For a single stamp, please cut them out individually. For a group of stamps, please cut them out all together. img45370f99b3027
What Happens with Used Stamps 1. Used stamps are sent to JOCS from all over the country. img45483c7c1157c 2. Volunteers sort and organize the stamps. img45483cab4ea95 3. Fill the stamps into 7.5kg boxes. img45483c9458495 4. Convert used stamps into cash with the help of stamp collectors and stamp dealers. 5. Dispatch the medical staffs overseas.
How Used Stamps are Converted into Money We ask the used stamp collectors in Japan to purchase the used stamps to convert them into cash. Average cash-in rate is roughly 1,300 Yen to 1,400 Yen per kilogram. (as of 2011 fiscal year) Conversion into money is done between JOCS and the collectors directly, therefore donations received through conversion is utilized for JOCS overseas health care cooperation.
Please Send Foreign Coins & Notes, Old Japanese Coins & Notes. coinshihei Do you have coins and notes from overseas travel? At JOCS, along with Used Stamps Movement, we are also collecting foreign coins, old Japanese coins and notes. If you can send them to us, we will be able to make good use of them toward funding overseas health care projects. Currently, we are dispatching 5 medical staffs and 3 short-term staffs to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Tanzania to make contributions to local grass roots medical activities. Additionally, we offer scholarships to local medical staffs in Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Uganda, and Tanzania. We are also actively supporting the Great East Japan Earthquake victims. Please see the detail here. Sending Foreign Coins & Notes
  • Please separate coins and notes when sending them.
  • It’s not necessary for you to count the total amount or the number of coins and notes.
  • It will be helpful to use Japan Post’s domestic parcel delivery service or other parcel delivery services.
  • When sending by ordinary post service, please write “Foreign Currency Inside” on the envelope.
  Other general principles, such as asking sender to bear the shipping cost, are the same as Used Stamp Movement.
About conversion into cash Our organization works with a specific dealer for the conversion. Exchange rate of foreign coins is based on the weight of the coins. 1kg of coins are roughly converted to 700 Yen. Foreign notes are exchanged whenever possible. Mailing address for foreign coins and notes JOCS Tokyo Headquarters Used Stamps Div. JOCS Headquarters  2-3-18-51, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0051 E-mail: info●jocs.or.jp (replace ● with @.) Tel: +81-3-3208-2416 Fax: +81-3-3232-6922
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