Dispatch of Medical Personnel

JOCS receives requests from organizations in various countries in Asia and Africa to “Dispatch the Medical Personnel”. JOCS has responded so far by sending close to 60 such medical personnel to those countries.
JOCS has sent personnel such as Medical Doctors, Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Midwives, Nutritionists, Physical Therepists, and Nursing Trainers.


Along with dispatching medical personnel, another main JOCS activity is the scholarship program. By providing scholarship to the people who want to study health care, JOCS cooperates to raise the level of health care services in those areas.

Collaboration Project with local NGOs.

JOCS and partner organization design the project together. Partner organization implements the project and JOCS supports the cost and, upon necessity, dispatch short term expert. JOCS and partner organization do the Monitoring & Evaluation together.