Dispatching medical personnels

Since 1960, JOCS has worked to improve health facilities/services by sending over 70 medical workers to 10 countries in Asia and Africa.
The attached list is the counterpart that JOCS has sent medical personnels recently.


Along with dispatching health care professionals, another pillar of JOCS activities is giving scholarships. By giving scholarships to people studying health care, it helps to raise the level of heath care provided in that region.

We help to nurture human resources who remain in the region.

In Asian and African countries, there is a big economic disparity between urban and rural areas, and loss of personnel from hospitals in rural areas to urban hospitals is becoming problematic. We at JOCS select students for scholarships who wish to remain in their hometowns to work for the local people in the area.

JOCS aims to build close relationships with scholarship recipients.

We value the connection with the scholarship students through annual reports from students and their messages published in our newsletter.

Scholarship Recipients (2012 fiscal year)

73 students were granted scholarships in Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Collaboration Project

Collaboration Project is a new project JOCS started in fiscal year 2010. By collaborating with local organizationsto run the project together, it becomes possible to utilize the abilities of local people and achieve goals more effectively.
As the first project, School Health Education Project was started in 2010 in Bangladesh.

Overview of School Health Education Project in Bangladesh

Term of the Project

April, 2010 to March, 2015


14 Schools Operated by BDP (Dhaka, Pubail Areas), for about 3,000 students


Children of the target groups and adolescent girls to gain knowledge about health and conduct oneself accordingly.


BDP (Basic Development Partners) is an organization ACEF (The Asia Christian Education Fund) supports. Founded in 1990. BDP constructed and runs kindergartens, elementary schools, vocational training schools, etc… in areas where there are not enough schools run by the government. BDP is currently running 75 elementary schools (total of roughly 8,000 students) in 5 prefectures such as Dhaka.