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About Us

Our Mission

The fundamental value of JOCS comes from the words of Bible, “Just as I have loved you, you should love each other (John 13:34).” JOCS supports spontaneous activities of grass-roots people in Asia and Africa through dispatch of workers and scholarship programs.

Our Mission


  • Implement health and medical cooperation activities which involve personal exchanges.
  • Prioritizing marginalized people as target beneficiaries.
  • Promote activities of JOCS and fostering personnel who would work for health and medical cooperation activities overseas in the future.


JOCS is a Public Interest Incorporated Association whose supreme decision-making body is the annual general meeting of members. The general meeting of members is to approve settlement of account and to elect directors and auditors. The board of director is responsible for business operations. The committee and task team take roles of the consultative body. Two offices for daily operations are set in Tokyo and Osaka. Each worker stays in his/her assigned country for at least three years so that he/she can develop a mutual and trustworthy relationship with the receiving party/people. They also bring back their unique experiences to share with our supporters back in Japan to broaden our horizons. Staffs Dispatched Overseas and Their Introduction (PDF 51KB)


In 1938, Medical doctors and students, nurses and other health personnel formed a medical team and crossed the sea to serve Chinese people. In those days, many Chinese became refugees because of the invasion of Japanese army. A Japanese Pastor called for help out the plight of Chinese people. This medical service is the root of the JOCS today.
After the war, Christian health personnel of all over Japan including the members of the medical team above founded “The Japan Christian Medical Association (JCMA)” and started medical voluntary services.

In 1958, representatives of JCMA attended the East Asia Christian Health Personnel Conference in Hong Kong and expressed that JCMA would take Asian health personnel to train them in Japan. After this announcement, requests for training assistances and dispatch of health personnel inundated from the overseas. JOCS was founded to response to these requests in 1960.


JOCS was established to acknowledge the war, the mistake that Japan did to Asian people, and to express the wish for future reconciliation and peace.

Contact Information

JOCS Headquarters
2-3-18-51, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0051
E-mail: info●jocs.or.jp (replace ● with @.)
Tel: +81-3-3208-2416 Fax: +81-3-3232-6922